I am asked for my thoughts on the topic of patronage often enough to justify the creation of this page.

To the gentleman who wishes to supplement his physical servitude or, alternatively, whose personal circumstances do not allow him to serve me in the flesh, this page is for you. Here is your opportunity to see me implement your most fetishized object in a film or photo set – or perhaps a more secret thrill appeals: for instance, knowing that it is your silk stockings clinging to my endless legs as I go about Paris when I visit, heads turning to stare at the pretty seams. Maybe you just have an irrepressible chivalric urge to make my day more beautiful? Your imagination is welcome in this regard.

The quick and easy option for those who are attracted to this side of servitude is my Amazon wish lists. It’s fool proof – and always deeply appreciated! I have two lists, a vanilla list here and a kinky list here with many items under £10 or £5 even!

If you have an interest in something particular not found on the list, you are welcome to contact me with any genuine, polite enquiry.

My final words on the topic or patronage are these: THANK YOU. Your generosity and attention are most appreciated. Whether you have gifted me what could be deemed as a small token or a spa break in a chateau, both are valued. You needn’t be rich to enrich my world. Go forth as a gentleman, and you’ve already pleased me Emoji