Here is how I conduct chastity with my Slaves/Submissives :

  • You must have your own chastity cage. If you need to purchase one but unsure, you’re going to need to determine the optimum base ring then the optimum shaft ring and finally the optimum ring gap. I recommend this website to help you:
  • You must have some keyholders tags. Here’s where to purchase some from: plastic-numbered-locks feel free to shop around
  • I require a £33 key holding fee for each week in chastity (via Paypal, Cashapp or Bank transfer)
  • Every week ended in chastity you are allowed to ask permission to be released. Obviously this will depend on my mood and your obedience
  • I like to conduct spontaneous checks also known as “caged pic check”. You will be asked to send a pic of your caged pin if you fail or do it late here are the fines. If you send the pic:

within 1h you are good

within 2hrs you’ll get fined £33

within 4hrs your fine goes up to £43

within 6hrs and you’ll be fined £63!

  • You may also be given random humiliation tasks (if you are into humiliation)
  • If you disappoint your Mistress you will get punished and fined by getting your Mistress a small gift from her Amazon wishlist (cbt, humiliation tasks or days extension in chastity)
  • If you want to cum you have to ask permission and if allowed you have to pay the cum tax £33

I offer short term and long term chastity key holding. For long term the tribute can be discussed and agreed upon. I have had many slaves in chastity and proudly wear their keys on my necklace!