There is nothing more disheartening than being asked information I have already taken the care to write down.

I am friendly and approachable but I do NOT suffer idiots and time wasters. You were given a brain, use it to

endear yourself from the word go by reading through my FAQ’s carefully. I value ease and efficiency and this

will save time:

Do you offer alternatives whilst face-to-face meetings may not be practical?

I certainly do, audio only or video as well. In both cases, you will need to have privacy your end.

Please inquire in the ‘Booking’ section.

Do you have your own facilities?

I operate in a residential setting in a small town. Discretion is paramount to me. If you prefer sessionning in

a dungeon setting, please visit the ‘location’ section on this website.

When are you available for sessions?

I am available everyday and some Sundays.

Who do you session with?

Typically with males on a one-to-one basis but would consider ‘double domination’ if I have played before with

one half of the submissive pair. I am happy to dom females, cross dressers, transvesties and couples.

Do I need to have experience?

Not necessarily. I love novices, mine to mould as I please from the start! When you arrive, we’ll have a little chat

so you know exactly the rules of the game we are playing by. I practise safe and ethical BDSM with mutual

consent assured at all times, even when the name of the game is by definition to stretch your limits, a little,

a bit, a lot… something we’ll have discussed beforehand.

Do you have feedbacks from previous visitors?

Sure I do!

Are you looking for personal/lifestyle Subs as well?

No, I am not actively looking. Should a vacancy arise, I will advertise on Fetlife and no doubt I will find myself

inundated with offers! In the meantime, do not bother applying.

Are you really severe?

It’s up to you to tell me how you want the tone of the session to be. Light and playful is possible, a bit

stricter too or we can go really harsh and severe. If you visit several times, it might be interesting to have a

taste of each! In any case your safe word will be respected and applied if need be.

Can I tell you what I want, what I really really want?

Every Mistress is unique and likes to work differently. I actually like being told what you want to experience and

I really don’t mind working from a script. So if you have a fantasy in mind you are seeking to play out, I’m happy

to indulge as long as it rocks my boat as well.

However, if you prefer giving me ‘carte blanche’ (free rein), this is also absolutely fine, just make sure you’ve

given me an idea of your interests and likes/dislikes to narrow things down!

Should you wish to bring something along to wear in our session, that should be fine, as long as you’ve spoken

to me about it beforehand. For the cross dressers and transvestites amongst you, you’ll need to make sure your

appearance is normalised and very discreet on the approach to my residential premises. Once inside, no problem!

What are your rates?

I like to think my rates are very reasonable. Currently one hour in my presence is £80 and two hours is £160.

Tariffs for distance sessions upon inquiry.

Did you say you were French?

Nothing escapes you! I am indeed French born and bred. I have been living abroad half of my life, mostly in the

UK, but haven’t lost my lovely French accent, why would I?

Can I buy you a gift?

Of course you may, any means to endear yourself! You may consult my wish lists here: Amazon or Joanna Lark

or make do with this basic information: dress size 10, shoe size 6.

In any case, I shall relish the intention and the surprise!

My tipple of choice is alcohol removed wine, Merlot red or Zinfandel rosé. I am particularly fond of the FRE brand, stocked at some Asda and some Waitrose. Nosecco (alcohol free Prosecco) is also stocked at some Asda. I am very curious about alcohol free gin that has started to appear on the shelves lately in very fancy bottles.

Another way to spoil me would be a gift card from Café Rouge.