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Hurray for the new playroom (same town) which allows for maid service. Once passed the strict job interview, you’ll be allowed to scrub and dust under my watchful eye for up to three hours at a time…

Ooh la la!

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Amusing to see the recent reports of British super model Cara Delevigne and girlfriend carrying a ‘sex bench’ (worth £360 apparently) into their LA home. We’ve all been there… right? lol

Proper chains!

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Really loved the look of those chains whilst visiting Portsmouth Dockyard a few weeks back. There were on board of HMS Victory, the Royal Navy’s most famous warship. Also seen: the Master quarters and some nice ropes… my mind did digress….

3 weeks old playroom

The new residential playroom in North Dorset has been well used in its first three weeks: carpet burns a plenty and other torments. Everyone’s first reaction (so one would think under free will) is that ‘the space is nice’. The … Continued


Move to Dorset is now imminent! After 5 years in Cornwall, near Land’s End, I am sooo looking forward to being closer to some action. Why North Dorset? Because I used to live there and loved it!